Foreigner is a novel-in-stories narrated by characters of different ages and nationalities whose lives intersect in Fuengirola, a small town on the southern coast of Spain. Geoffrey Jones is the youngest of three children who move from England to Spain with his mother, though he isn't aware until they are on the plane that they are leaving his father behind. His mother has uprooted her family in order to make a living in her brother's English pub. Tension mounts when Geoffrey's brother Kenny steals a camera from an African vendor and photographs his American teacher without her consent. At its heart, Foreigner is about living between languages, cultures, countries and identities; about expatriates and their impact on a local community; and one family's journey to reestablish themselves in a new place. You can read an excerpt, "The Africans," at West Branch Wired.

I am actively looking for interview subjects for this project. If you are an expatriate (of any nationality) living in Spain, and feel like sharing your perspective on immigrant life on the southern coast, please contact me. I am also open to entrevistas en espanol.


I write flash fiction in the form of 100-word stories. This project arose out of a desire to keep stories pithy, to magnify small moments, to make decisions about characters, conflicts, settings, and moods, and really own them. Some of the stories intersect; many fall into categories of magic, travel, body, self, relationships, and politics. I am in the process of illustrating them and constructing a larger narrative that links them all.




Fictionables are what I call my 100-word postcards: fully functional missives with a story attached, written and illustrated by me. These are available on Etsy for $1 each. Help me mail stories around the globe.



Logo designed by Andrew Tucker

Logo designed by Andrew Tucker

Play On Words is a collaborative literary series based in San Jose, CA, that I co-founded in summer 2013 with playwright/performer Melinda Marks and writer Nicole Hughes. Our mission is to cultivate an artistic community in Silicon Valley that brings together emerging and established writers and performers for a series of staged readings. We accept original works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and theater year-round. Visit our website or check us out on Facebook to get the details. 

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