two thousand nine

There's a certain ring to it, isn't there? As a child, I always preferred odd numbers. I love the fact that numbers can be imperfect, like the universe. This will be a good year.

I wish I had something prophetic to say. I wish I were wise. My body has more wisdom than my brain does, and it's rare that the two communicate. I can say that there is a looming momentum to this particular year, with the promise of a new administration.

Here's what I hope to see in 2009:

1. More, not less, jobs. I'd love to join the forces of Obama's version of the New Deal--if he's reading this, I'll up and move to Tennessee if that means I can get a job recording oral histories of our first Work Progress Administration.

2. Mobilization, on both the grass-roots and corporate levels, for guaranteed civil liberties. For once, I'd like to see the government pass amendments that grant rights, not deny them.

3. I want a continuous blood glucose monitoring system--yet another piece of diabetic hardware that could help pinpoint the times of day when my body flips over inside.

Here's my open invitation to the new year:

1. 2009, I'm offering you my open palms, blossoming confidence, my willingness to work, unadulterated opinion and indiscreet expression, and a damn fine promise to avoid skepticism.

I'll try. You try too. Maybe everyone will. Maybe this will be the year global warming doesn't accelerate quite so fast, that the world sees the United States as just that -- an entity of diverse opinions. Maybe we'll all get ponies. I don't really want a pony. I just want an incentive, a carrot at the end of my stick.

two thousand nine. Good things will happen. Let's see.