For Mikey

A hate crime was committed in Davis this past week -- one that people should know about.

Mikey Partida was brutally beaten and called homophobic slurs on the streets of Davis after leaving a relative's home the other night. After spending a few nights in the hospital, he is now being moved to a rehab facility. News reports indicate that there might be long-lasting neurological and psychological effects of this vicious attack.

I don't know Mikey personally, but he went to my high school. He is a friend of my friends. I think of him and I see my older brother, the boys I grew up with, my friends at school. My heart goes out to him and his family.

How does one recover from something like this? How is it that things like this still happen?

Mikey's family and friends have organized Mikey's Justice Fund to help raise awareness and money for his case. He has a Facebook page as well. I don't know who reads this but I ask you to take a moment and read about him and share his story. This isn't over.